Build Updates

Thur 25 Feb 2021

47 days on, a fair chunk of progress and a couple of big things figured out for a first version. Full product listing view in, hover state added – needs tweaking, custom fonts in, spacing and all products from my initial collection added.

Expanded out the custom pages using custom queries for custom post types. Doubtful this is the most elegant approach, but it works perfectly for the visitor. Product information page is designed. Not yet coded fully. Thinking about how to use colour in parts of the site.

Local MAMP set-up again, tested syncing databases but this is locked down by my host, created a workflow to tackle this – it’s only a few steps.

Final thing – 100% the idea/site will get renamed with a new domain name. I think Technista is too close to the brands created by a media company who have Homeista / Gardenista … no explanation needed here.

Currently in design – still needs CSS styling to finish up

Sat 9 Jan 2021

One year later and I’m tucking back into the project. Makes sense as the domain has come up for renewal. Right now I’m trying to make sense of the last few decisions I made and the state I left it it. Below is where I got to, a grab of the homepage and a grab of the vanilla page template. A quick a scrappy list of what’s up next with my working sessions:

Brain dump of initial tasks

  • Documentation blog for daily updates
  • Theme review, what is going on and where
    • Plugin review
    • Custom post data review
    • Add more custom html + php to the post loop to see how we get on
    • Comment out HTML5 Blank Custom Post
  • Design review, stop.start.keep
    • Favicon
    • Hide main menu
  • Set daily reminder to product upload
  • Amazon associates
  • Social media plan and brainstorm
  • Set-up local version of theme